Maria Carmela La Greca, graduated in Media Studies, PhD in Sociology, keen on SPEs (small and precious ‘enterprises’). She’s following in her artisan family’s footsteps. She always looks for stimulus to go ahead in the gorgeous places where she lives: Rome and the sicilian countryside. She can find them in the passion and creativity of young people.

Valentina Capitano, graduated in History of Art. She is blinded by the passion for every kind of art. She is a globetrotter in order to be astonished at people and their artistic production. She lives in Portsmouth (UK) but she would also prefer to live at the Casa Museo Gaudì, Barcelona. She’s following in her artisan family’s footsteps too: grown-up in leather smell surroundings, she is able to recognize a good pair of shoes from a great distance.


Since 2012. Italian Touch blvd is a project: telling you a story about Italian Cultural Heritage and Italian creative people.

Italian Touch blvd is a path, a research of images and memories of the ancient creative Italian people and inspiration and encouragement for young creative artisans at the same time.